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Looking for Water

I went for a drive on a recent summer afternoon, looking for a place to fish.  Out of town on Hwy. 45 to Goshen, we passed Twin Bridges, the first possibility.  Headed up Blue Spring Road, there are several places to … Continue reading

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The First Church

I have this rather obscure little book, picked up at a flea market somewhere sometime, The Drama of the Lost Disciples, by George F. Jowett.  Jowett is remarked in the dust jacket as being “…from a prominent literary family.”  which … Continue reading

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Book review: ‘The Old Straight Track’ by Alfred Watkins

Originally posted on The Hazel Tree:
Quite possibly my favourite book of all time… I’ve been meaning to review this for so long! When Alfred Watkins was riding around the Herefordshire hills in the early 1920s, he pulled up his…

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Piñata of Ideas

Ever have a really good idea, and when you float it out there, someone just can’t wait to knock the stuffing out of it.  Yeah!  Just think of it as a piñata, a little out of reach but interesting enough … Continue reading

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Learning Curves 10

“…and there were also with them other little boats.” Mark 4:36 We spent the past four days day-tripping around the Ozarks, trying out the canoe, car-topping on our latest BMW, a 1987 325e.  Found a set of vintage Thule brackets … Continue reading

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Un-American, The New Patriotic

Un-American, The New Patriotic.

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Learning Curves 9

The canoe hull is complete, fiberglass and epoxy inside and out; outwales, inwales, decks, and thwart.  All the essential pieces are in place, and I can still throw it over my shoulder and walk comfortably, with the double paddle tucked … Continue reading

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Learning Curves 8

  To escape the rain, I moved the canoe into the painting studio, and proceeded with fiberglass and epoxy.  The sealer coat was a bit tacky, positioning the fiberglass cloth was tedious, and it was late Tuesday afternoon before I … Continue reading

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Learning Curves 2

Progress, like peace, comes dripping slow.  Running in and out of spring showers to get tarps on everything, I conceded to the weather gage and moved upstairs.  Lighting is much better; windows for daylight, ample incandescents for night work, and my … Continue reading

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proportion and measure

In Western cultures, our architectural instinct surfaced in the Pythagoreans and became central, revealing that the soul, which took on various material shapes, was ultimately form.  Studying form was thus the true purification. Sanctuary is a primary human requirement.  The … Continue reading

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