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the wheelwright’s shop

The wood-worker who made barrels was going, if the tin-worker was coming.  From that industry, at any rate, old skill was “getting the push.”  And the wood-worker was going, or at any rate his ancient provincial skill was falling obsolete, … Continue reading

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I just ran across this, and had to share it.  I’m reading Boomerang by Michael Lewis, about how different countries mis-handled massive amounts of credit.  So I start searching items on Wiki, just to be sure that I understand what I’m reading. … Continue reading

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Pater Noster: the Lyon Ritual

This is the ritual for reception of the Pater Noster prayer by a Cathar credente. The Occitan text included is from the Cathar Ritual, also known as the Lyon Ritual, (ms. Lyon, Bibliothèque municipale, PA 36, 235v-241). Two separate versions … Continue reading

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Hamlet’s Mill

I have taken quite a lot of editorial license in distilling this from the commentary, introduction, and preface of Hamlet’s Mill.  You are welcome to read any or all of it for yourself: A close look at the introduction … Continue reading

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a soft answer

Is this the Fayetteville we know and love; or WHAT? The other night, we went out for a while to a benefit for one of our local artists.  Hosted by a popular restaurant, silent auction of donated art, cash bar … Continue reading

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Rice Bowl

“Now the first and greatest of necessities is food, which is the condition of life…”         Plato, The Republic  When I came to Fayetteville in the late seventies, to live with strangers in a rented house, and study English, the University … Continue reading

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New Hamburgers

“on Saturday there was a policy of allowing people–anybody—to come in and use the shop…$1/hr…in the beginning people shared jobs, and we also shared wages.” JKM One Saturday morning, in the fall of 1988, I wandered into a basement workshop … Continue reading

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The Anarchist’s Tool Chest

My first woodworking book was Audel’s Carpenter’s and Builder’s Guide 1922, volume 4, and it took me another thirty years to acquire the other three.  In high school shop class, the standard was Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Feirer and Hutchings, among the dullest books … Continue reading

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The Great Money Trick

Owen opened his dinner basket and took from it two slices of bread, but, as these were not sufficient, he requested anyone who had some bread left to give it to him.  They gave him several pieces, which he placed … Continue reading

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