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the wheelwright’s shop

The wood-worker who made barrels was going, if the tin-worker was coming.  From that industry, at any rate, old skill was “getting the push.”  And the wood-worker was going, or at any rate his ancient provincial skill was falling obsolete, … Continue reading

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I just ran across this, and had to share it.  I’m reading Boomerang by Michael Lewis, about how different countries mis-handled massive amounts of credit.  So I start searching items on Wiki, just to be sure that I understand what I’m reading. … Continue reading

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Pater Noster: the Lyon Ritual

This is the ritual for reception of the Pater Noster prayer by a Cathar credente. The Occitan text included is from the Cathar Ritual, also known as the Lyon Ritual, (ms. Lyon, Bibliothèque municipale, PA 36, 235v-241). Two separate versions … Continue reading

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Hamlet’s Mill

I have taken quite a lot of editorial license in distilling this from the commentary, introduction, and preface of Hamlet’s Mill.  You are welcome to read any or all of it for yourself: A close look at the introduction … Continue reading

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a soft answer

Is this the Fayetteville we know and love; or WHAT? The other night, we went out for a while to a benefit for one of our local artists.  Hosted by a popular restaurant, silent auction of donated art, cash bar … Continue reading

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Rice Bowl

“Now the first and greatest of necessities is food, which is the condition of life…”         Plato, The Republic  When I came to Fayetteville in the late seventies, to live with strangers in a rented house, and study English, the University … Continue reading

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New Hamburgers

“on Saturday there was a policy of allowing people–anybody—to come in and use the shop…$1/hr…in the beginning people shared jobs, and we also shared wages.” JKM One Saturday morning, in the fall of 1988, I wandered into a basement workshop … Continue reading

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